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Cancel Culture

Q: Does cancel culture threaten free speech? Discuss using examples of cases of cancel culture. The term ‘cancel culture’ according to Dictionary.com refers to the “popular practice of withdrawing support” for individuals in the public sphere, commonly celebrities, in response to an action or speech that the general public has deemed “objectionable or offensive”. WhileContinue reading “Cancel Culture”

BCM212 Research Project Pitch

For my first BCM212 Research Project I will be aiming to find out the effect COVID and the ensuing protocols have had on a student’s ability to receive learning from the university. I’m doing this by polling fellow students on their learning preferences and how the onset of COVID has affected their overall Uni experience.Continue reading “BCM212 Research Project Pitch”

BCM114 DA Contextual Essay

For this semester’s BCM114 DA I decided to continue the previous work I had done on my first semester’s DA, an Instagram page called Wot2Wotch. This project originally came to be as I felt it answered an important user need that I myself had experienced: Struggling to find something to watch on various streaming platforms.Continue reading “BCM114 DA Contextual Essay”

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